Digital Fabrication for the Stage: The case of the Limassol Grand Ballets Stage design, making and the set up with the hidden meaning…

Affiliation: Cyprus University of Technology

Abstract: The ballet gala titled “Belong”, was organized on behalf of the Limassol Municipality and it included performances ranging from contemporary versions of Bolero,executed by a large group of dancers, to strict ballet solos from world famous dancers.Five-star hotel rooms were booked, drivers were hired, champagne was bought. The brief was simple: To do a backdrop for all dance pieces which could transform depending on the nature and atmosphere of the choreography. The opening act was supposed to be spectacular, to win the bet against the opposing political party which did not approve of this version of “Grand Ballets”. The following acts needed to be flawlessly executed and in an equally festive mood. The male mayor wanted this to succeed. The male choreographer felt that this gala was his duty. The male lighting designer thought he was the director, the male stage manager was Murphy’s law personified. The female stage designer had just bought her new digital fabrication toy… The scenography was designed and made by five women at the newly-established Makers Will Make open-access makerspace in Limassol, Cyprus which is engaged in current design issues. Politics, the role of women in making, green design and digital creative practice needed to benegotiatedon many levels in order for the set to be installed and the performance to be a success.

Bio: Studied Furniture Restoration and Craftsmanship (BA Hons - UK) and holds an MA in Furniture Design and Technology (MA - UK). She designs, makes and exhibits her own contemporary furniture/ three-dimensional designs in Cyprus and Europe with an emphasis on sustainability and upcycling. She has been teaching in Tertiary Education since 2003 and presently works as Special Training Staff at the Cyprus University of Technology. She has been collaborating in the field of contemporary art, dance and theatre as a visual artist since 2005 and has travelled to international festivals with several works. She specializes in contemporary fabrication techniques and holds a degree from the Fab Academy (Amsterdam 2016), the course ran by the official Fab Lab Network. In 2018, “bytheway Productions”, the NGO she founded and is actively involved in, set up the open- access makerspace “Makers Will Make” which aims at producing and promoting contemporary design innovation in Cyprus.