Post-human translation in the fourth phase of global capitalism: digital technologies, sensorial languages and Big Data. A critical approach from art".

Affiliation: AGI. Art, Globalization, Interculturality. University of Barcelona

Abstract: Starting from Bruno Latour's concept of translation and community of humans and non- humans, and retaking some central aesthetic concepts in OOO (Object Oriented Ontology), this paper presents a type of post-human translation closely related to the global situation of computational capitalism. In this extreme order of global capitalism, which is governed by algorithms and conditioned by techno-politics, the transnational diffusion of digital technologies establishes a unique sensorial language that translates different cultures and so uniforms them, and at the same time guarantees control over the present and the future by means of Big Data, as Armen Avanessian warns us. Its maximum agent is the design of technological objects and services. From this observation, the artistic project "PRISM: The Beacon Frame. Speculative NSA Forensics Equipment" by The Critical Engineering Working Group will betakenas a source of reflection. That project, working with the translation of data by means of an alternative design, reveals this state of the current digital culture, translating and making explicit the hidden functions of some digital objects of daily use–such as the mobile telephone– in an installation with technological objects and data maps.

Bio: Federica Matelli is an Italian researcher, lecturer and cultural agent. She got her PhD in “Theory and history of contemporary art” from the University of Barcelona. Previously, she gainedher BA in “Philosophy, aesthetics and theory of contemporary art” from the University of Pisa, and a Master in “Curatorship and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media” from ESDI and Ramón Llull University, organised by MECAD, the Media Centre of Art and Design. Shortly after she began to work as an independent curator and researcher. She has curated different selections of videos and exhibitions and collaborated with festivals, exhibitions and institutions of international prestige, among them the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany, MECAD Grant 2006). Matelli has lectured at seminars and congresses of different institutions and universities, conducted research for public and private bodies dedicated to art and has published essays, scientific and critical articles, reviews of contemporary art and culture in various magazines, catalogues and online platforms.