Design global, manufacture local: practices of a new mode of production in the primary sector

Affilation: P2P Lab

Abstract: Small-scale organic farmers need agricultural tools that they can adapt to their land and farming techniques. As this is not the case for industrial-scale farming tools of the market, some farmers decide to design and build their own tools. They then share their designs via the internet under creative commons licences and start collaborating with similar groups around the globe. Thus, a global commons of knowledge, design and practices for the primary sector emerged. The above example is based on what we call commons-based peer production which can be identified in various sectors from open-source “cube” satellites to the famous Wikihouse. Through the case of open source tools for agriculture, we explore an emerging mode of production that builds on the confluence of the digital commons of knowledge, software, and design with local manufacturing technologies, a mo el that we term "design global, manufacture local (DGML). The DGML model can have great potential for sustainable and inclusive forms of production and consumption.

Bio: Alexandros (Alekos) Pantazis is a Core Member of the P2P Lab, an interdisciplinary research collective focused on the commons, and a Junior Research Fellow at the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology. He holds a B.Sc. (5-year-long) in environmental engineering, an M.Sc. in nautical and marine science, and a certificate of pedagogy and educational proficiency. He has expertise in participatory design for nature conservation and integrated coastal zone management, and a background in informal education. Moreover, Alekos has 20 years of involvement in international civil movements, focusing on agrarian indigenous populations and the commons. Alekos has worked as a scientific assistant in European projects in the areas of marine conservation and community-based management as well as in the area of the digital commons. He is pursuing a Ph.D. on the convergence of convivial technologies, commons and informal education, coordinating the socio-technical pilots of the COSMOLOCALISM project. Alekos speaks English, Spanish, French, and Greek.