DAY 1 | 30.05.2019..
Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks
Professor Richard Matthew Stallman

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DAY 2 | 31.05.2019.
Ethics and Aesthetics
Mutiny, Mutualism and Complicity in a “Bare” Art World
Dr Gregory Sholette
Micro-geographies of Grassroots Collective Action. Tripartite Ethical Unity of Art
Professor Luiz Guilherme Vergara
Politics of making
Intersectional Feminism and Fact - Women’s Experience in Practical Workshops
Harriet Poppy Speed and Dr Lynn Jones
Digital Fabrication for the Stage: The case of the Limassol Grand Ballets
Eva Korae
Community Making towards situated agency
Jenny Dunn
Gendering the making: Contemporary Makerspaces in Athens
Natalia Avlona
Negotiating digitalities through art
Post-human translation in the fourth phase of global capitalism: digital technologies, sensorial languages and Big Data. A critical approach from art
Federica Matelli
Decentralisation and Commoning the Arts
Ruth Catlow
Ejected Body Doubles: beyond the grasp of digital control
George Themistokleous
Vital Vagueness
Rose Butler
Commoning practices
Delegate Management or Augmenting The Mind: What Role for Technology in Commoning Practices?
Selena Savić
Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto (A book presentation)
Alex Pazaitis
Database (e)state
Tom Keene
Shared learning- peer to peer, common
Blanca Jove Alcalde
The Future of Technology in Museums
The Museum Lab of the Centre on Interactive Media and Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies (RISE)
Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Georgios Artopoulos; Ioanna Hadjicosti; Antigone Heraclidou; Marinos Koutsomichalis; Maria Shehade; Evanthia Tselika
Internet Freedom
Into the Red Stack: Chinese digital media between platform protectionism and infrastructural sovereignty
Gabriele de Seta
Open technologies in the Making
Despoina Mitropoulou and Theodoros Karounos
Horror stories from Digiland
Theodotos Andreou
Setting up an EMEA observatory for Internet Freedom
Final Session
Johan Söderberg
The Politics of the Commons
Professor Silvia Federici
DAY 3 | 01.06.2019.
Unconference - General Assembly and Working Clusters
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